Friday, 24 April 2009

Makeover Madness

I hope that everyone had a nice Easter break ~ it all seems such a long time ago now, and I have been absent from blogging for too long!

It's amazing how a deadline focuses the mind isn't it? I have a stall at a local antiques fair in Hungerford tomorrow and wanted some new (old) items for displaying buttons, ribbons & fabrics etc. I had some pieces under the bed waiting for a makeover and I finally decided that now was the time to get the paint out and try and work some magic. My motto recently has been; 'if in doubt paint it white' ~ which is essentially what I did!

I have had this miniature vintage trug on my desk for ages holding pens & pencils etc.

Three coats of Chalk White later, with a bit of rubbing back with a sanding block to give it a timeworn feel it now looks like this...

Months ago, I bought a large sized jewellery stand in the shape of a mannequin (a modern one, with lots of glitzy decoration, not my style ~ but I wanted a larger size and couldn't find anything else) so I stripped her bare, took it all apart and then covered the body with scraps cut from an original vintage French embroidery magazine. I didn't want to photocopy the magazine as I like the flimsyness of the paper on the original and the worn texture, so I cut it up into varying sized pieces and slowly covered her in a decoupage manner, overlapping as I went until the resin base was completely covered. I then coated her with PVA glue which works just as well as any varnish and let her dry. I am sharing the stall at the fair with my Mum who specializes in 1950's costume jewellery, so I expect she will be adorned with beads and baubles along with a little bit of lace and silk. I forgot to take any 'before' photos, but here she is now...

Next for the white paint treatment was a little old wooden box with compartments that I bought on ebay for next to nothing ~ this time I used Joa's White from Farrow & Ball which is a creamy aged white. After a bit of scuffing on the edges with the sanding block and lining the little compartments with some of the same old French paper it now looks like this...

Using the same colour, I overpainted an mdf trug that I had painted red about 5 years ago! After a couple of coats and some rough treatment, I managed to get some of the old red paint showing through which I was quite pleased with ~ and it is a perfect size for displaying some small pieces of vintage fabric...

Gorgeous girl felt that she was missing out on the painting action and had to join in ~ the kitchen table was a busy little area, I just managed to stop her from painting everything green!

I found this lovely vintage Terry's chocolate box with drawers for a song with the thought in my mind of covering it with old fabric. Firstly, I had to paint it with a coat of white as the fabric I had chosen was quite thin and the dark pattern showed through.

The fabric is French c.1900 and pretty shabby ~ very faded florals, my favourite kind ~ with a few holes here and there so I knew that I couldn't really use it for much else ~ but it covered the box like a dream...

Last on the list was a peculiar little single drawer also bought on ebay that looked like an old tool box drawer ~ very dirty and odd looking, but I have a thing about miniature drawers (nothing to do with lingerie!).

I used some leftover paint from my Easter egg project in another Farrow & Ball colour called Pale Powder which has the merest hint of duck egg blue and then covered the top with another piece of 1950's French paper, I love the typography and graphics! The little vintage brass drawer knob I already had in my box of treasures just waiting for the right project.

Phew! That was my week of makeover madness ~ I think I will put the paintbrush away for a little while ~ until I can work up some energy to tackle the stack of old picture frames under the bed. ('Under my bed' works in the same way that Mary Poppins' bag does!)

Have a great weekend, until next time...

Ali x


  1. They are so lovely, its amazing what a difference a wee coat of paint can make. I have to be careful when I start making things over as anything that can't move away from me finds itself slapped with paint :)

  2. Those are all great, but I particularly like the ones with French decoupage - I may have to start seeking out larger pieces of ephemera!

  3. What lovely make overs. I love the stand and the little drawer. I have a copy of the Journal Brodeuses myself. I love the typography too.

  4. Oh Ali what lovely lovely make overs hope the fair goes well tomorrow.

  5. You've been busy! Everything looks wonderful
    and always wonderful to have a little helpmate.
    Good luck on your show. Enjoy.

  6. Mmm, they look super, I'd never thought of finding little gems like that on ebay! I love the way you have used the vintage fabric too.

  7. Not make over madness, make over beauty up here! I love it all, but we bloggers always have to say 'especially', so here I go to: the little drawers that you did in fabric is really gorgeous, just like the real thing very convincing and very beautiful and I like the miniature drawers very much too. I have a copy of le Journal des brodeuses as well, just got it from my friend Mrs. B. and like you I was smitten with the typography! Well done Ali, and good luck selling on the show!

  8. Oh you are so creative......I love all the things you lovely the little cupboard with the roses......and all your little things have a new chique place.
    Nice evening

  9. You have been busy. I have a few bits and pieces just waiting for me to get my act together and paint... you've inspired me to get on with actually doing it!

    Victoria xx

  10. That is a whole lot of make overs!! I just love them all!!! The french magazine and papers makes it seem so much more, you know.... Parisian!!! You did an amazing job, I am sure they'll be snapped up in minutes!!!! Good luck and have a wonderful day!
    Margaret B

  11. Gosh, you have been busy! they all look so wonderful. Hope you have a great day today. Lucyxx

  12. Wow, you were a busy girl! I just love how you made over all of these objecs. You have a great eye for detail. I would love to see your booth, sometime. The feel of your items is so romantic. Have fun!

  13. The mannequin, trugs and drawers look beautiful after your makeovers. You are so talented! I too have favourite leftover pots of duckegg blue, green and cream paints which I use all the time for crafts. I wish I could have made it to the fair. Your trays of buttons and fabrics are so very tempting! Hope you had lots of sales. Tania

  14. Hi Ali,
    I'm sure today has been very successful for you - your make-overs for your stand are all so smart and clever - it must have looked a picture. I particularly like the fabric covered chocolate box drawers and the final drawer covered in French paper.
    Just wish I could have been a visitor at the fair!
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend,

  15. really great----and to think you did all that!

    and your daughter is totally darling!!

  16. I am so pleased with my beautiful bits I got from you and your mum today and it was lovely too meet you both I will look forward to meeting you again at another fair.
    Love Lou xxx

  17. Hi Ali, Lovely makeovers. You have such a darling little helper there. I bet she enjoyed giving mommy a hand.

  18. You are indeed a talented and creative girl! And one after my own heart! I love to decoupage. And I cover all sorts of things. You did a remarkable job on everything, and I am so impressed. I think you should send it to a magazine. It is just precious!

  19. Wow, you did great! I love all those little boxes and drawers too and you turned them into real beauties. Your little dresslady looks very nice too, can I ask what pvc glue is?

  20. You have been busy, what beautiful items xx

  21. I love all your transformations. Think my favourite is the drawer adorned with the French paper. or maybe it's the trug, or maybe the mannequin..... Good old F & B paint, you can't beat it! I hope you had a successful day at the antiques fair.

  22. Well you sure made up for lost blogging time...your post was great. You are so creative and I loved everything you did. I've done nothing creative lately...and it's making me crazy so it was a real treat to see all that you got accomplished. I really enjoy reading about everything you do.

  23. I just love all your makeovers...Everything just looks amazing...What a pretty post...

  24. Oh my God! You made a great work! I like everything you made and people with projects! Very creative you are! You have lovely vintage fabrics, trims and buttons and a very beautiful little girl! Congratulations my dear!
    Wish you a sunny day!

  25. beautiful done! my compliments
    you are very creative!!!

  26. All of your projects turned out just beautifully! I especially love that vintage fabric covered box with the drawers...that is to die for!!

  27. Wonderful makeovers

  28. What a wonderful difference a coat of paint makes! I've just found your lovely blog and looking forward to reading more posts!

  29. It is all fresh, chic, and very very lovely!

    I hope it went well for you and your Mum.

    Emma x

  30. Just checking out your lovely blog...thank you for visiting are very similar to me as i think everything looks better painted white...i think i have painted almost all my furniture...i may have a piece or two left to do...i will check out your shop as well..i know i will be in for a treat...until next time..koralee
    Oh my daughter's name is ali!!!

  31. I don't know where to begin! You are so very clever and I love each and every makeover.....the French text, the fabrics the chalky artistic! I am inspired... but so tired tomorrow?
    Be well, Laura

  32. Hi Ali
    I'm so excited to have found your blog, thanks for popping by mine.

    You're make overs are just fantastic - I will have to go rummaging old cupboards to find things to play with, perfect for a wet day like today. Good luck at the fair. Debs x

  33. They all turned out beautiful! I might have to make over a little shelf I have:) Just came across your blog and enjoying reading it! I'll be back for more:)

  34. You are so creative! And have great patience too no doubt.I think all your makeovers are beautiful,and thankyou for your lovely comment on my blog!

  35. Wow! Your makeovers look fantastic!
    I now have the urge to go and paint everything.
    Good luck at your fair.
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  36. Your blog is beautiful! I love everything you have done in your 'makeover madness'. It all looks so fabulously stylish! X

  37. I have the same! I love each and every make over shown here...they are stunning and so inspirational. I love covering things in paper...and that fabric covered box is so delightful!

  38. love your makeovers. Especially the little mannequin. What a superb idea. I've looked at those kind of things in The Range, but never been keen on the look. What a fabulous idea to recover them!

    Your little Lady reminds me so much of my Little Lady. As soon as my crafty stuff is out, she appears. Just like the shopkeeper in Mr Benn!

    Thank you so much for the german glass glitter answer. I am desperate to get my paws on some, so will have to go the ebay route. You are right, there is most certainly a gap in the market!

    hope you are having a good week. :O) xx

  39. Darling re-dos Ali!!!
    So pretty:)
    Have a wonderful wednesday:)

    kay ellen

  40. Oh, I've been away for awhile and you have been so busy! What a lovely group of treasures and make-overs you've turned out. You got so much great use out of that French paper!

    Please stop by my blog where I've left an award for you!
    Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

  41. Hello! Thanks so much for your lovely note on my blog. I've just been drooling over all the piccies on your post...your makeovers are just gorgeous! I think my favourite is the set of drawers covered in the French fabric. Looking forward to reading your next post! xxx

  42. WOW!! Am I glad I found your lovely blog!! So many ideas, so much inspiration...thanks!! All the best, Chrissy

  43. You are inspirational with all of your make-over projects. Thanks for sharing!
    The work is beautiful.

  44. Nooo you cant do this to me!! I love those.. all of them!! you are so creative!

  45. Loving your make overs they look fantastic


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