Friday, 10 February 2012

Scandinavian Temptation...

I do love a good recipe book ~ I cannot claim to be much of a cook, and no matter how hard I try I can't even look like Nigella in my pinny, let alone emulate her baking. My specialities always seem to be in the sugar and sweet department, preferring to make a cake or a batch of shortbread in the hope it turns out looking vaguely familiar. The reward of a finished article much like the ones shown in the glossy photograph in the book I happen to be using, seems more worth the effort somehow. Sadly, often the outcome resembles nothing like the sample or actually anything I have ever seen before anywhere for that matter ~ it's the taste that counts right?

I am always looking for something new to try and am totally won over by gorgeous photographs of mouthwatering temptations, which is why when the clever girls at Jeanne D'Arc Living in Denmark announced that they were compiling a recipe book no less ~ I had to add it to the inventory at Betty & Violet.

The Best Recipes’

Gathered from the beautiful Jeanne D'Arc Living Magazine over the last three years are the most gorgeous recipes beautifully recreated in a new soft back book, with many Scandinavian dishes and bakes to try!

Here is what they say about the book; 'It contains more than 180 recipes with appealing images and inspiring dishes. There are no gourmet recipes with mysterious ingredients. Just simple dishes everybody can do, but with a great love for good ingredients.'

The book will be 160 pages, measuring 21.5cm x 30cm (the same as the Christmas book). This is the English text version translated from the original Danish.

Official date for release is 1st May 2012 and copies ordered in advance will be despatched immediately after.

It can be pre~ordered here to reserve a copy. Limited quantity available.

Off now to see what burnt offerings I can conjure up out of half a used can of baked beans, a suspicious looking bit of lettuce/cabbage/spinach? and a whole still sealed pot of very low fat natural yoghurt with a use by date of 2nd January (I am certain the same fate happens to every pot bought) purchased when I thought I might start a diet and then reconsidered....

Until next time,

Ali x

Wednesday, 1 February 2012

The Winner is...

The name drawn out of the hat this morning as the winner of my little giveaway is.....

Sharon at Bluebells & Lavender!

Please let me have your address details so that I can send your copy of the Jeanne D'Arc Living magazine!

Ali x