Thursday, 9 April 2009

A Vintage Easter...

Easter Greetings to everyone ~ I hope that you all have a lovely weekend!

Firstly I must say a big thank you to LissyLou (lissylouandthe2littleboys) for such a thoughtful and generous giveaway prize. LissyLou had put together a lovely springtime theme of flowers & butterflies in my favourite shades of duck egg blue & pink! A little pocket sized mirror in its own embroidered pouch, a beautiful address book (for my desk) an enamel butterfly necklace (gorgeous girl has already noticed this!) and a big bar of chocolate, which I am ashamed to say didn't last much longer than it took to download this photo! This really started my week off with a big smile on my face...

I finally got around to setting up an Easter themed vignette ~ not sure that this will be it's final resting place, but for now it is in the guest bedroom as we have friends coming to stay...I used a shabby vintage miniature armoire that I use when out and about at craft fairs, that I roughly painted in off white. I had collected a few old egg cups, which I filled with shredded brown paper (I am one of those mad women who has difficulty in throwing away useful packaging materials and have a hoard of rubbish like this under the bed!). I made the eggs a few weeks ago, using German glass glitter and other vintage trimmings on wooden eggs that I painted in shades of duck egg & white ~ and a few mini chocolate eggs (the ones that got away!) In the wooden bowl is a hand~pierced goose egg bought in Hungary years ago that I love as it goes with my creamware collection in the kitchen.

Gorgeous girl in her 'Easter Bonnet' ~ her favourite dressing up hat...

More 'Easter Bonnets'...

These are more examples of the beautiful original fashion prints I found dating to 1913. I think the hats are fabulous! I have managed to photograph most of them now and have started offering a few for sale in my shop.

Have a wonderful Easter break everyone ~ don't eat too much chocolate (how much exactly is too much I wonder?)

Until next time...

Ali x


  1. Such lovely eggs and sweet little vignettes you've shown us today! I'm pondering going out and getting some wooden eggs to decoupage...

  2. Beautiful little scene Ali, it looks gorgeous and I hope your guests leave you some mini eggs! I love the things LissyLou sent too.

    Have a wonderful easter and I hope truly gorgeous girl enjoys wearing her bonnet all weekend... ours is still in a bag in the hall!!!

    Mel xxx

  3. Beautiful Vintage Easter Images! Happy Easter and good wishes to you and your gorgeous girl! Be well, Laura

  4. All your Easter eggs are beautiful and Gorgeous Girl looks lovely in her bonnet. Have a wonderful Easter.

  5. Happy Easter!

    What a lovely Easter vignette, so many pretty things.

    Victoria x

  6. You turned your guestroom in a beautiful Easter sanctuary. I adore that pierced goose egg. So beautiful. And thank you for sharing the fashion pictures, love those too.
    Happy easter!

  7. Glad you liked your prize. Your little girl looks lovely in her bonnet. Happy Easter x

  8. What a wonderful sight! Have a lovely Easter weekend.

  9. Hello Ali
    What a beautiful way to display the eggs and other vintage items. I love German Glitter glass, is such fun making things with it and is perfect for making Easter eggs. Your littke girl is VERY cute in her Easter hat.
    I wish you and your family an very happy Easter!
    Take care
    Isabelle x

  10. Wonderful photos! I too have a teeny-tiny armoire (a doll's house one) and I was really wondering what to do with it after picking it up for a euro at the last Vide Greniers. Thanks for the inspiration - it will just fit some tiny wooden eggs I bought in Edinburgh this week! Have a wonderful Easter with your family.

  11. It all looks beautiful! What a nice giveaway prize too.

  12. Such a beautiful post - simply gorgeous! I love the vignettes! Happy Easter to you and your family!


  13. 'Happy Easter' Ali! Have a lovely break with your little one - she looks so cute!

    I loved the hand pierced goose egg - extemely beautiful. And your delightful glittered ones too, of course.


  14. Hello my friend!!
    Beautiful!!! I like it very much:))
    I wish you a happy easter!!!
    Hugs to you!

  15. What a lovely post...I love your Easter vingette...That little cupboard is so sweet..I love all your pretty eggs too...I also loved seeing all the bonnets...Happy Easter...

  16. Beautiful pictures Ali. Your little angel looks lovely in her Easter Bonnet.
    Happy Easter to you too.
    Carol x

  17. A lovely Easter tribute Ali. Happy Easter and have a wonderful weekend, xv.

  18. Very pretty scene Ali, I love the little armoire. I enjoyed looking at your pictures. Hope you're enjoying the Easter weekend. Take care.

  19. Happy Easter Ali. Everything you've done looks wonderful.


  20. Man! There sure is some talent out there!

    Just wanted to come by and tell you thanks for following me at Na-Da Farm!
    Have a Blessed Easter!!

    And enjoy the weekend!!

    Anne Marie

  21. Ali,
    I don't know where to start??? Your Easter display in the little cabinet is perfect. I'm so jealous...I've done nothing at home only in the shop. Your daughter is adorable in her Easter bonnet. I wish we all wore more hats like they did years ago.
    Happy Easter to you and your family.

  22. Hi Ali,
    As always, beautiful photos that touch the heart. Gorgeous girl sure looks darling, I wish my daughter was that age again. What lovely gifts you received, so sweet! Have a wonderful Easter!

  23. Oh my goodness, the eggs you made are simply beautiful. So feminine and dainty. I love them and so will your guests. The egg cups are divine as well. What lucky guests you have. You took so much time preparing for their arrival.

    Have a joyful Easter.

  24. oooh how i love a vintage easter! matter of fact, anything vintage. have a happy easter ;)

  25. simply stunning. Just beautiful. I hope you had a lovely Easter. I've been pretty good, and not scoffed too many chocs at all! How terribly sad!

    Can you tell me where you get your german glass glitter from? I've done so many searches and the only place that sold it over here did not look like they were selling the real McCoy.

    I've just been uploading my latest CR entry, talking about a Vintage Christmas! I haven't gone insane, I've just been busy trying to get myself organised for this year.

    Must scoot. Have a lovely Bank Holiday Monday - what's left of it! xx

  26. i have never seen easter eggs so cute! That cut out one I couldnt imagine how you could do that and those sparkles must have put such a bright smile on you're little girls face =] awwww. more beautiful posts!


  27. Hi Ali! Thanks for the sweet comment! I too have been so busy I feel like I have neglected all of my wonderful blogger friends! I love your eggs. Your little girl is sooooo cute! Hope you are well.
    HAPPY DAY!!!

  28. Thanks for popping to visit!

    You are a lucky lady with such a fantastic camera, no wonder your photos are so fabulous.

    Victoria xx

  29. Hello, thouhg I'm a tad late to wish you a happy Easter I know can inform whether you had a happy one and also had a lovely week? The weather has been great here, I hope with you too! I love your Easter decorations and I have mine still up (too?). I'll take them down on Monday or Tuesday. Always too soon I think. I love your decorations! Your fashion prints are gorgeous! Have a nice weekend!

  30. What beautiful photos! I just wanted to stop by and say THANK YOU for coming to visit my blog during my "Celebrating Marie Antoinette" event. I appreciated your comments and it's so nice to meet others who are also interested in our dear Antoinette! Have a beautiful day ~ xo Joy

  31. Love those EGGS!!!

    I need to take my decorations down this weekend. Time is just flying by a little faster then I'd like.

    Hope you had a wonderful Easter:)

    Such a beautiful Entry!

  32. Hi - found your blog via Shabby chick's country in the town blog - lovely photos and lovely items in your shop. Mmmmmm.

  33. How could I have miss this lovely easter post from you....?????
    I like the photos a lot and I hope you had a fine easter. I also had the eggs made by you at my easter table and everyone liked them a lot......they are so beautiful. I will use them every year again........
    A nice day and a big hug.

  34. oh my I am so in love with those eggs!
    by the way you got an award on my blog! :)


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