Sunday, 5 April 2009

Fashionably Late...

It's been a while I'm afraid. I really enjoy posting once a week but juggling ordinary life seems to take up so much time lately...

However, I have managed to get out and about and be a real life human (albeit frazzled) person for a few hours (in addition to Mummy and Wife) and make a few vintage purchases that got my heart racing...

An old toffee tin with gorgeous colours and floral motifs ~ destined for holding buttons or notions of some kind...

A wonderful 1950's clock in perfect working order that I bought with the intention of selling on, but I'm not sure that I can part with it as at the moment I am enjoying the gentle tic~tock in my workroom...

It is nestled on a 1930's eiderdown also bought last week, with the most wonderful floral & roses pattern of the like that I hadn't witnessed before and will be perfect for the end of our bed after I have decorated our bedroom...

A gentle, beautiful Victorian print of a Maude Goodman painting ~ the frame is chipped and discoloured but I won't touch it as I like it this way...

And finally, something to share with everyone ~ a superb collection of original vintage fashion prints, rescued from a book that was all but falling apart called 'Dame Fashion 1786 ~ 1912' by Julius M Price printed in 1913. I have taken some photographs of a small selection of the colour plates, and over the coming weeks will offer them for sale via my website in groups or singles. I have about 140 altogether and each plate features an English or French fashion drawing from a given year between 1786 and 1912. They are so gorgeous and will frame beautifully or would also be perfect for other paper craft projects. I admit that I will have to keep some for myself as I probably will never see anything like them again, I just can't stop browsing through them...

This colour plate is a copy of a painting by the author Julius M Price ~ isn't she beautiful?

Until next time,

Ali x


  1. Hi Ali
    Thank you so much for your kind & thoughtful comments on my blog. It was very much appreciated!
    I do like your purchases, especially the tin and the clock. I know what you mean about time. I too enjoy blogging but with everything else going on too it can be hard getting it all done!
    Take care.
    Isabelle x

  2. Ooh! what lovely things..I love the colours in the lucky thing!

  3. Hi - don't worry about having a break from the blog - it's good to hear from you any time you can manage it, either on your blog or in the way you take time to make comments on mine, but when you're too busy, we all understand...

    I like what you said about the chipped frame. My mum has been giving me the chance to choose a few of her paintings and pictures to take home, and I've been trying to explain that chips don't make something less special... I don't think I've got that message across to my parents yet, though! I'll put some of the lovely pictures and fabrics she's given me on my blog.

  4. have really found the most wonderful things...I love the eiderdown and the French fashion prints especially! Be well, Laura

  5. Time, time, time... I have to read the first blogger yet who says: I have plenty of time, just don't know what to do with it. But you are your own time manager, though that is often hard to believe (says she who has to rise at 6.30 at 00.22 and she still 'has some things to do'!). I know all about wanting to post more!
    I think you have spend your time quite well; what a great haul! Those plates....what a find, congrats! This must be a swell start of the week!

  6. Oh Wow!!! Everything is just BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! I just love it all...Those prints are unbelievable...What a beautiful post...

  7. Yes, you did find some beautiful, timeless things.

  8. Those fashion pictures are gorgeous! And I am in love with that little blue tin. You sure had a succesfull week hunting for vintage treasures.
    Have a nice week!

  9. Hi Ali,
    Impeccably chosen vintage goodies!! All are gorgeous. I love those corseted ladies (but am very thankful that we are no longer expected to dress like that!) I look forward to seeing which plates end up on your website for sale - I'm sure they will be very popular.
    Its funny what you say about the little clock - I buy things with the intention of selling them on, but am often so torn... sometimes it helps to own them just for a little while and then I am happy for them to go and live somewhere else!

    Have a great week,

  10. Such lovely things! I especially like the tin it is beautiful. Lisaxxx

  11. Oh oh I love it again.....your sweet clock in my favorite colour, your toffee can, with the ROSES.....and the ladies......
    Oh really I love it all.

    I am a little exciting waiting on the postman.
    When he arrived....see my blog.
    With love

  12. lovely purchases. I wish I had shops round here that sold lovely vintage stuff, but there isn't. Thank goodness for the internet!


  13. you've found such lovely things. I don't know if I could choose a favourite....but maybe that eiderdown.


  14. Oh no!......keep the clock! it's fabulous as are the book images.

  15. hello
    beautiful vintage finds you got there...blogging are for fun..

  16. Love the toffee tin - its beautiful and I am coming to snatch the eiderdown off your bed whilst you sleep !!!


  17. What beautiful finds! Everything is so lovely. I especially love the Maude Goodman print - absolutely wonderful!

  18. Faboulous things you show us! Nice photos andcharming vintage atmosphere!!! I just love your tin and painting!
    have a sunny week!
    Warm greetings

  19. Great pictures there, love all the hats! That tin is gorgeous!


  20. what wonderful treasures you have found. I do love the tin, what pretty colours!

  21. What lovely treasures you found! The 1950's clock is sweet. I love the down comforter and the book of prints. Nice finds!

  22. You've found some really lovely items. Love that toffee tin a lot. We're all fighting the clock and blogging on top of everything else just adds a little more to do. Enjoy your time out and about - doesn't it make you feel like a new person? Happy week. xo~Tracie

  23. What amazing things you bought. I know what you mean by selling that clock. I sold some things this weekend that I had a hard time seeing go, but that was their intention. They did go to a dear friend so that helps. I too have been having a hard time finding time to post. Too many late nights getting geared up for spring. I keep getting caught at the computer by my husband when I'm suppose to be working. Oops... "I really just sat down" I tell him. Ha-Ha!!!

  24. Pretty treasures Ali!!!
    Thanks for sharing :)


  25. Your tin is lovely, beautiful colours.

    Have just found your blog and really enjoyed looking through, we share similar taste in US magazine subscriptions!

    I have to ask what camera you use for your photos, I'm looking to buy a new one at the moment and seeking advice from bloggers with fantastic photos.

    Victoria xx

  26. oh, what a beautiful ladies!
    just adorable!!!

  27. What wonderful treasures. Love that clock! The eggs in the previous post are so lovely. Thank you for sharing these wonderful things with us.

  28. Wow every thing is wonderful but i realy like the clock,you have some amazing treasures,best wishes Pat

  29. Dear dear Ali......
    The postman arrived......Oh I am so glad.....
    This must be my day.......the smell in the nice...... Thanks, thanks again for this lovely are so sweet.
    I love the eggs so much, the heart with roses. Oh did I really won.... I still can believe it...
    And of all the postcards.....they are so beautiful......
    Did you all made this yourselves.....?
    You make real art. It is an honour to have such beautiful things at my home.....I will enjoy from this for many years and proudly say to all my friends: Ali made this for me.
    So many, many thanks and a big kiss....
    Have a nice easter.

  30. Glad you liked your giveaway prize. I thought that if you didn't want to wear the necklace it would be nice in a craft project too! x

  31. Lovely treasures you've found there! Happy Easter!

  32. Walking on your nice blog is a pleasure.
    greeting from Belgium.


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