Tuesday, 27 July 2010

A Perfect Corner...

In my home...

Sometimes when the whole house is in a state of CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome) I try to make myself feel a little better by taking control of the tiniest of spaces and making it look pretty and tidy. Often I have just one or two little pockets in the house that look like this and the rest ~ well, I just have to close my eyes and pretend that they are not there! Keeping a home neat and clean with a 4 year old whirlwind playing with toys and dress up is an ongoing battle just not worth the fight!

So here is my 'perfect little corner' in my home that I can write about ~ while I wouldn't dare go near the rest of the house with a camera at the moment!

I like to play around with the placement of all the accessories adding more as I go ~ and eventually I arrive at a complete arrangement that I like (I just can't do minimal!)

A recent purchase ~ a lovely old textile printer's woodblock, I have brushed the lightest coat of white paint across it to highlight the pattern.

This little pair of frames have had the shabby paint treatment ~ if it stands still I will paint it!

This lovely china bowl and the 'H' were bought at the Summer Cozy Fayre I talked about it my last post.

I can quite happily spend a few hours achieving this vignette which gives me such pleasure to sit next to; while upstairs on the guest bed the ironing pile grows all by itself into a veritable mountain, last night's supper dishes still balance in a tower on the kitchen worktop and just in front of these very shelves a stack of books and dvd's need to find their way home ~ amazing what a bit of photo cropping can do....!

Until next time...
Ali x