Thursday, 5 February 2009

Let it snow...

I love snowdrops in the snow...

I hope that you are all warm and safely tucked up inside ~ what a winter wonderland it has been this week. A great excuse for lighting the fire, eating toasted teacakes with loads of butter and copious mugs of tea ~ oh, of course making an enormous snowman with gorgeous girl!

I was in the Cotswolds over the weekend and didn't manage to get back home until Wednesday, so would like to apologise to those of you waiting for packages ~ most of them were despatched today, but the postman didn't make it to me this morning so I'm not sure how long they might take to reach you. I try and send packages via recorded delivery, which of course means a car trip to our 'local' post office. I say local but in fact is not that near as my genuinely local post office closed last year. We have a very entrepreneurial pub close by offering limited post office services with minimal opening hours, which sometimes helps, but not if you live in the back of beyond like me (actually more like the middle of a field!) on a snowy day. So, I trudged in my boots to one of those little 'lollipops on sticks' post boxes which you can just about fit one envelope in and hope that some arrive with you in the morning!

I have been trying to navigate my way around Photoshop and when I have a moment have been playing with the special effects ~ I love the way old photos look with a faded grainy look to them, so I applied a very subtle layer to the above photo of my house taken in the snow today.

Gorgeous Girl in the snow


  1. Your house looks stunning Ali, and gorgeous girl is indeed gorgeous! I'm in no rush for my order, I don't expect anyone to rush to the post office in this snow!


    PS I have been hitting the hot cross buns pretty hard so you're in good company :)

  2. What gorgeous photos. I'm going to have to spend some time acquainting myself with your blog. How sweet it's named after your grandmothers.

  3. Your house looks lovely!
    Horribly miserable rain here today, I want the snow back!
    Snow drops would have to be one of my favorite flowers, simple but beautiful!
    Love Lou xxx
    P.S my word verification was pants, that about sums up the weather today! :0)

  4. Your house is wonderful! Postal woes aside it looks like the ideal place to raise your gorgeous girl!


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