Friday, 13 February 2009

I Love Paris...


I'm participating in a charity gift fair today; I'm hoping that everyone will be loved up, full of romance and looking to buy lavender filled hearts...the car, as usual when going to an event, smells of lavender ~ wonderful!

Husband has been to Paris this week and is there next week too ~ I wish I had been able to get out there as well, I love looking in all the shop windows for inspiration, and breathing in the Parisian way of life. It is over a year now since my last stay there and I definitely have withdrawal symptoms. I am running low on ribbon stock and I have a favourite haberdashery store there that I always visit to buy a good supply Entree des Fournisseurs and just around the corner is a great little bead shop too Matiere Premiere. Both are in the Le Marais district which is so pretty, if you ever find yourself in Paris, these two little shops are such a treat...sigh...

I recently found a little collection of Paris photograph postcard books ~ vintage souvenirs, probably about 1930's which are really lovely, I just couldn't resist them. The photographs in black & white are beautiful and the typography on the front covers is so romantic. Once I have taken some scans of my favourites for future reference I will offer them for sale (if I can bear to part with them!)

I also bought a couple of old valentine cards ~ to add to my growing collection of vintage ephemera. There is something about handling old bits of paper with somebody's handwriting on them that makes you wonder about the people who have owned and enjoyed them before. I think they are so precious and I have a box full of cards, letters and scraps that I never get tired of looking at.

I set the photos up with some lovely bits of vintage & antique fabric bought recently from Donna Flower and an old micro mosaic heart locket. I'm not usually drawn to black in a big way, but I remember from my old 'interior design' days learning that every room in the house should have a tiny bit of black and also red in it whatever the colour scheme. It could be something as small as this little heart or a picture frame, book spine etc., but just adds a teeny punch of colour to draw the eye ~ and it works!

I found some pretty valentine graphics from the very talented Rhonna Farrer. You can find her work at twopeasinabucket which is a great site for lots of digital images, scrapbook ideas etc.

Have a wonderful, romantic day ~ sending more hearts across the airwaves.

Until next time,

Ali x


  1. Hi Ali,

    Hope today goes well, I'm sure everyone will love your hearts :)

    Gorgeous pics, I have very similar b&w postcards of Paris all the way up my stairs and I love looking at the old cars and people in the pictures and wondering what became of them.

    Happy Valentines Day!

    Mel xxx

  2. Good morning, Ali~
    Ahhh... This post truly spoke to my heart, Merci! Your husband in The City of Light without vous? I feel for you. Wish I was there to take a ride with you in your car with the fragrance of lavender hearts all around and tell you how I couldn't let my husband go to Paris without moi (in a kind way, of course - to make you feel better!).

    I love your photos and understand the part about your vintage items and not knowing if you can let them go... it's difficult!
    Dimanche heureux!

  3. Thanks for stopping by today. I love your blog and your photos. It's always nice to find a kindred spirit in the blogging world and I have so admired everything you post at "Shades" on flickr. How I wish I'd known about those two shops last time I was in Paris as I have no idea when I'll get there next!

    I have a collection of vintage postcards from California that remind me of how it used to be here when I was growing up. All of the orange groves and orchards with miles of unspoiled coastline. I also love old books with inscriptions inside.

    I am currently reading "Audrey Hepburn, An Elegant Spirit" and noticed it is one of your favorites. I'm enjoying it quite a lot. Always one of my favorites it's so nice to learn that she was a wonderful person as well.

    I hope your husband returns home soon. Mine travels much without me as well. Sigh...

    Looking forward to your next post -
    Robin@Miscellaneous Thoughts

  4. What i wonderful post. I love Paris too. it's such a wonderful beautiful city. x


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