Tuesday, 17 February 2009

A Host of Memories...

I meant to post this in time for Valentine's Day, but time ran away with me...

The poem below was written by my grandfather (married to Betty ~ you can see him in the photo on the left) on the 12th February 1944, whilst serving in the army during the second world war, after Christmas leave. I have a small collection of writings by Grandad and an ambition is to one day put them altogether in a book of sorts, but in the meantime, I thought I would share this one as the date is so relevant. The poem is dedicated to Betty & also Angela ~ my Mum.

A Host of Memories
Wedding day, a daimler ride
Wine and happy hours
You as radiant as the bride
A church adorned with flowers
Angela shouting, dancing too
And earning admiration
Then to sleep without ado
And guns at Edgware Station

Angela rousing in the night
And waking me and you
Torpedo switch, electric light
The clock at half past two
A cup of milk, a piece of choc
A tiredness in my brain
Another glance ~ it's four o'clock
That's good! She sleeps again

Leicester Square to book for seats
My sister Eileen wins
A Mars Bar and a roll of sweets
To exercise our chins
Laughter, Strand, orchestra, tea
A crooner wasting time
'Green Man' darling, and with me
To seek a gin and lime

Party day and Sunday best
The children laugh and sing
And then recite before they rest
And gather everything
Including presents from the tree
And apples from the bowl
Whilst Angela climbed chairs to see
The dear and happy soul

Quiet evenings by the fire
Such softness for my head
The midnight news and then retire
On tiptoe into bed
Buying shoes in Oxford Street
A crimson frock and soap
Record exchange and 'Bitter Sweet'
Then tea served by a dope

Piano at midnight, siren notes
That caught us unawares
Angela bathing, playing boats
And scrambling up the stairs
A host of memories my sweet
And many more I know
But they must wait and take a seat
For now I have to go
Original poem written by my grandfather ~ February 12th 1944

Until next time…

Ali x


  1. That's a lovely poem, the day to day detail in it is wonderful. What a great thing to have to remember your grandparents by :)

    Mel xxx

  2. What a beautiful poem, and such a lovely thing to have, I love things that have been passed down; I have just been given my Nan’s sewing machine.
    love Lou xxx

  3. How romantic!!! That is a precious piece of your family's history.
    I'm sure you will treasure it forever!!

    Sharon xx

  4. Thanks so much for your message Ali, your support means a lot. I am so nervous that nothing will sell! Your things are so gorgeous I bet they fly out the door! Glad you like the name too... I am definitely going to be a busy girl :)

    Mel xxx

  5. That is so romantic and such a treasure to have. Putting his poetry in a book would be a wonderful thing to do!

  6. What a beautiful poem and a wonderful piece of history for you to have those handwritten bits of love!
    Happy weekend and thank you for sharing, this was so, so sweet.


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