Monday, 12 April 2010

Textile Heaven... Dairy House Antiques. For fabric lovers, the Vintage Costume & Textiles event yesterday was indeed ~ heavenly! This was the first time I had made it to the Dairy House and it certainly won't be the last ~ in fact I am already planning a visit so that I can sit quietly and look through every single drawer that Sue at Vintage to Victorian has bursting with glorious fabrics and trims ~ some Scheurer pieces had to come home with me but I seriously could have bought the whole lot! These are destined for little pillows and hearts when I can find some extra hours in the day...

I found a gorgeously shaped vintage chocolate box with little drawers at Liz's stand ~ which I think I will recover in a different fabric, something a bit more faded floral to fit in my own workroom as I don't think I can part with this treasure ~ it is ideal for storing buttons. I also found a large shabby piece of old French fabric with a great pattern for cutting into smaller pieces.

I was also lucky enough to find a great selection of fabrics from Donna Flower ~ and so beautifully and temptingly displayed on her stall...

Floral delights...

I discovered a handful of fabric flowers in a cabinet belonging to one of the permanent sellers at Dairy House ~ this one is the largest and made of a soft linen with velvet leaves in a delicate natural creamy colour ~ just how I like them...

And a couple of lengths of old satin ribbon...

I went back to my car after shopping to get my camera, so didn't manage to take photos inside (besides which it was so busy!) but had to include these from Niki's (Nostalgia at the Stonehouse) outside stand ~ Niki has an amazing ability to style her wares so beautifully ~ I aspire to achieve this level of gorgeousity!

It was also a lovely opportunity to put more faces to names ~ this time I met Isabelle, so nice to meet like minded people who share the same passion for vintage fabrics!

Impossible to show photos of everything but suffice to say it was a fabulous event and hopefully there will be more to come...



  1. Hi Ali

    So glad you came to Dairy House and had such a lovely time. What a shame you didn't say hello, but it was quite manic, wasn't it. Do, please come again! Bring a picnic and look through all the drawers - you can spend as long as you like, then!!!!

    You certainly found some lovely Scheurer fabrics! Shall look forward to seeing your creations!

    Drop me an email when you intend coming again so that it's a day when I'm there ;o)

    Sue x

  2. So good to see you yesterday, glad you enjoyed it. Look forward to seeing the drawers on your blog after their "makeover"!

  3. Exquisite ! I love the fabric with roses. You have a very elegant and creative blog :o)

  4. Hello Ali,
    Lovely to see you again - wasn't it a lovely fair. Sue did a fabulous job!
    Thank you for including the photos of my stand - very kind - but I know all too well that the displays that you create at fairs are exquisite! (I have a few of the same Scheurer fabrics, in different colourways, but have as yet to pluck up the courage to take the scissors to them! ;-))

    Have a lovely week,
    Niki x

  5. Doesn't it all look beautiful. Shame I missed it :(

  6. Simply beautiful Ali!
    Thanks for sharing that wonderful event with us who missed it.
    I spotted my link in your sidebar- many thanks! I've just added yours to mine too ;))
    Best wishes,


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