Saturday, 10 April 2010

Another Gorgeous Girl in My Life...

In addition to my four year old gorgeous girl, I have a new 'old' gorgeous girl now living with us. She is probably about a hundred years older but just as beautiful (and a lot better behaved!)

I have wanted an original Stockman Paris mannequin forever. I have longed and wished for a companion in my workroom for a long time and now she is here and meant to be...

Last year, my Grandmother Violet passed away at the amazing age of 95 and left me a small amount of money in her will. This little nest egg has been sitting in my savings account until such a time that I found for sale just the right 'gorgeous girl'. I wanted a lasting reminder of my Grandmother ~ something that I could keep forever and pass on to my own daughter and I am so delighted that I finally found her. Perfect in every way ~ proportion, colour and patina with just the right amount of shabbiness around the edges that give away her real age and purpose over the last century.

She has already been dressed up a little with some pretty vintage flower corsages that I bought recently in Amsterdam along with some old pearls, but I can't quite decide where to put her in my workroom yet. I think I shall move her around for a change of view for both of us from time to time...

Where to stand for the best view?
Grandmother Violet is now gone with many many memories to cherish and a dream has been fulfilled ~ thank you Nanna...

Until next time,


  1. I've been wanting one myself for a long time. She is beautiful! Congratulations!


  2. Hello Ali

    How lovely that you are back. I have missed your beautiful posts. So sorry to read about your Grandmother Violet passing away last year. You had a lot going on last year...
    My English Grandmother Maud passed away just over a year ago, the end of an era, no grandparents left.

    It is really good idea to remember your Grandmother through your lovely new mannequin. I am sure she would be delighted!

    Have a lovely weekend
    Warm wishes
    Isabelle x

  3. A great honour for your grandmother.......
    She probably would be so proud if she could see this.....
    For always in your heart.
    Nice day

  4. This is surely something your gransmother would have loved - what a special way to remember her. I would love any dress form...

  5. Isn't she a beauty! and I love her corsages...the perfect mellow colours for her beautifully aged linen. Lucyxx

  6. Hi Ali
    She is gorgeous, oh for a figure like that!! I can only dream.
    Jo xx

  7. Hello Ali, oh she is beautiful. I'm sure you will enjoy many hours of admiring her, and what a lovely way to remember your Grandma.
    Bertie x

  8. What a perfect way to spend your Grandmother's money. You will get pleasure from the mannequin for many years to come.

    It was so lovely to meet you yesterday Ali x

  9. What a lovely reminder this will be. She is stunning. I am very jealous.


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