Tuesday, 13 January 2009

My Marie Antoinette Day...

I really am a bit new to the blogging world ~ today I received such a lovely award from Shabby Chick (Mel). I am loving reading your blog 'Country in the Town' which is already one of my favourites and slowly making acquaintance with some of your favourites too. I just need to figure out how to get the picture onto my blog and choose some others to receive the award in turn. I am so green that my list at the moment is a little on the short side so I think I need to get reading and posting before I can get the photo onto my site!

My 'Marie Antoinette' award is perfect and so apt as I have a bit of thing for her ~ last summer I fulfilled an ambition by visiting Versailles and I read a wonderful biography 'Marie Antoinette The Last Queen of France by Evelyne Lever which I highly recommend. I have in my thoughts a special little collection of hand~made lovelies inspired by Marie Antoinette fashion and have been scribbling the beginning of some new patterns...

Today, coincidentally started with a 'Marie Antoinette Day' even before I received the lovely award as my husband returned from a business trip to Paris last night with a little box of Laduree macarons. This famous patisserie in Paris (and now in London too!) made the macarons for the 2006 movie 'Marie Antoinette'. If you haven't tried these yet, then you must do everything in your power to acquire some ~ and make it quick! They are heavenly. The delight starts with the beautiful packaging, which I can't bear to throw away as it is so pretty, followed by the contents ~ in this case, vanille, citron, chocolat et framboise. Gorgeous girl managed three all by herself (my daughter ~ not me, I'm definitely not so gorgeous after eating too many macarons!) I probably manage to get one of these little boxes just once a year, but worth waiting for....So, just to get you all drooling, I took a photo ~ well why not?

Continuing on the French theme ~ here is another beautiful book that I received as a late Christmas present from my Mum this weekend. The photography is amazing and the focus is on how the French style and put together their collections of vintage stuff for display in their home, which is right up my street and perfect inspiration for taking better photos...


  1. Hi, the book you got from your Mum sounds lovely, I love all things French!!!
    You have got some really pretty things on your other post too.
    Well done on getting your award!

    Love Lou xxx

  2. Glad to give you the award hun but Idon't think there's a time limit on passing it on so wait til you know a few more people on the blogs :)

    Those macaroons look so nice! I didn't realise there were so many flavours. Everyone seems to be posting about their lovely husbands at the moment... mine has buggered off to bed while I look after little one!

    That book looks great, I love a good read where there are lots of nice pics xxx

    PS if you want to save the award picture to your PC right click on it in my block, click Save Image As... and then save it to your computer and you can post it on your blog :)

  3. Mmmmm! Those macaroons look lovely!
    Take care
    Beki xxx

  4. what a lovely blog , you have. im drooling over it....i love french. thanks again
    ps i found you through mel at shabby chick

  5. Love the blog! Congratulations on your award too. I will have to arrange to visit some relatives in France, it would be a good chance to do some lovely shopping!!

    Happy blogging!

    Sharon x


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