Thursday, 8 January 2009

Finding bliss in books...

My gorgeous girl started pre-school this week and despite longing for some free time to spend on my own, dreaming of satisfying mornings spent at the sewing machine, I had such mixed feelings! I know that she is nearly 3 but it all seems to be happening so quickly and she's not my baby any more...

She absolutely loved it of course and I had no need to worry, but on this first morning a friend (also leaving her little one) and I decided to abandon any thoughts of catching up on ironing and housework in favour of a visit to our local antiques emporium and have a coffee and a browse. Well, I say 'browse' what I really mean of course is hunt for treasures with serious determination! Hopefully to find those elusive trinkets that I can keep for myself or offer for sale on my website. The problem is, I only buy stuff that I love, so parting with anything is impossible!

Here are the little treasures I found and had to bring home with me...

A set three delightful little 1930's books by Katherine Mansfield ~ I was initially drawn to 'The Garden Party' as I used to have a business styling and organising weddings and this was my business name (I also use it for my ebay id too!). I felt I couldn't leave the other two books behind on the shelf...

I am addicted to old books ~ especially those with charming titles like these. I have a growing collection of old Christmas books which are brilliant for display. I find these little old books offer a bit of comfort ~ so reassuring that they have survived the years, just waiting for me to discover them again.

...and a little vintage 'Paris' brooch which will eventually find it's way onto something that I make, but for now will nestle in a box with lots of companions ~

I was lucky enough to get a new digital camera for my birthday so forgive me if I am getting a bit 'click' happy, I am trying to practise and get better at taking photo's ~ I love the setting up bit, but don't have any technical ability at all! I took some pictures of a very shabby painted cupboard we just bought to put 'gorgeous girl's toys in downstairs, I thought I might have to re~paint it but actually I love it just the way it is complete with chippy finish, dents & dings...


  1. Step away from the cabinet!!!! I love it just how it is, in fact I may have to steal it (only joking honest). That heart looks gorgeous on it too, one of yours I'm sure :)

    I think what you did on the first preschool morning was quite right, trauma almost always needs immediate treatment with tea and shopping! Your books and brooch are lovely, I can see why you bought them. And the photos are stunning, I love looking at lots of pics.

    Mel xxx

  2. I have to agree with Mel please don’t paint it!!!
    I will get to it before Mel has a chance to steal it, I really do think it’s gorgeous!
    And as for all your other finds, they are lovely! if all your photos are as pretty as those ones you carry on with your camera.

    I remember when mine went too preschool I hated it; it does get easier as time goes on.

    Love Lou xx

  3. If Lou seconded it, can I please third it? The cabinet is beautiful; it doesn't need a thing :o)



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