Thursday, 17 May 2012

A Weekend in Monaco...

I finally got something ticked off my long term 'wish list' ~ a visit to Monaco!  We had a long weekend break with some friends ~ a grown up weekend ~ the kind where you can take a neat handbag on the flight without the need for a backpack containing wipes, snacks, toys and other items to be used for bribery...

It lived up to all my expectations ~ we even stayed in a hotel on The Avenue Princess Grace.  Grace Kelly is one of my all time favourite actresses and we visited a small exhibition of some of her personal belongings including some gorgeous handbags, and clothing (sadly I wasn't allowed to take photos inside).

The buildings were beautiful ~ they reminded me of delicately iced wedding cakes with pastel coloured render and pale paintwork shutters.  I dream of having a little apartment with a front door like this one...

We didn't gamble ~ but decided to spend our money on champagne cocktails instead in the famous American Bar inside the Hotel de Paris on Casino Square ~ I was instantly transported back in time, and sat gazing at old photographs of movie stars from the 1950's sitting exactly where I was....

The whole weekend was such a departure from normal, everyday life, but sometimes it is good to escape, refresh and recharge and I feel very lucky to have even glimpsed how the other half live!  Back down to earth with a bump!

Ali x


  1. now you've got a taste for champagne cocktails, "what fizz to drink with fish'n'chips" will have a whole new dimension!

  2. What a wonderful break, it sounds such a lovely elegant place and the apartments are gorgeous. It certainly does you good to get away from the humdrum of life sometimes.
    Jo xx
    PS See you next week, I'll mail you.

  3. How lovely for you...experiences like this keep us going don't you think? Have a great week, no doubt thinking back on your wonderful visit! Sharon x

  4. There's something magical about Monaco, the air of elegance that makes you sit up straight and pull your stomach in !
    We used to pop over quite often when we lived in Provence, every time I felt like a celebrity.
    It sounds like you enjoyed
    Have a lovely weekend
    Joasia x

  5. Champagne cocktails in Monaco, sounds like heaven!! It looks like a beautiful place.

  6. How Lovely! Thanks for sharing with us...You must feel soo recharged after this break!Maria x

  7. Oh Monaco is on my bucket list too! How lucky you are to go for a weekend. It looks absolutely fabulous from your photos.

    Glad you had a great relaxing weekend!

  8. That sounds like the most perfect weekend break! I'd LOVE to visit Monaco - it looks/sounds SO elegant and beautiful - and I too am an absolute devotee to all things Grace Kelly!!
    Paula x


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