Monday, 3 May 2010

Flowers and Fairs...

A lovely, thoughtful friend gave me the most beautiful hand~tied bouquet of flowers on Friday ~ the perfect combination of soft antique coloured roses, with large blousey heads and crinkled petals. They are just right for my entrance room where I have recently placed an old painted firescreen in front of the open fireplace for the summer ~ the colours couldn't be more appropriate...

On Saturday I finally managed to get to the Vintage & Handmade Fair in Chipping Sodbury ~ my very first visit and I wasn't disappointed! I think the colours from my floral bouquet were very much in my mind, as when I got home to photograph my purchases I realised everything just went together very naturally...

Gorgeous floral fabric and glass bead fringe from Sue at Vintage to Victorian...

Along with some beautiful ribbon corsages from Clare at Daisy Darling ~ this one is in shades of pink and green and I also bought another in shades of plum & violet which has already found a new home in the guest bedroom...

A pretty padded coat hanger with lace and vintage brooch trim from Niki at Nostalgia at the Stonehouse ~ this is destined for my wardrobe door when I eventually re~decorate our bedroom ~ I just want to find a delicate 1930's satin nightgown to hang on it for display...

Some bundles of old ribbon with original paper labels ~ I can't remember the name of the stall, but it was full of wonderful small treasures. I also bought some large old linen mangle cloths from Liz at The Washerwoman ~ but very appropriately they have just been laundered and are still damp waiting to be ironed!

I could quite easily have bought everything I looked at ~ some really beautiful and unusual things, but Gorgeous Girl was with me this time and it is not so easy to concentrate with a mischievous four year old whose only interest was in the cakes! Maybe next time...

Have a lovely week everyone...

Until next time


  1. Hi Ali, so good to see you at the fair. looks like you found some real treasures! Lizzie x

  2. What beautiful photos! You've really given me a different view of the fair - thanks so much.

  3. So glad the poppy corsages went to a good home! Some lovely purchases..look forward to seeing you again soon.x

  4. What gorgeous photos Ali! Love the roses and the fabric and ribbons...a dream!
    A nice day to you!

  5. Hi Ali

    It was lovely to meet you and thanks for your purchases. That Scheurer fabric really is a gorgeous one. I'm sure you'll have fun with it.

    Glad you had such a lovely day. There's always a great atmosphere at the V&H fairs. Will you be coming to the Textile Fair on 3 July? Hope so.

    Sue x

  6. Such lovely palet of colours you created.....
    The bunch of flowers are so your new found treasures...
    Nice week

  7. Beautiful finds! I love, love, love that hanger.
    I look forward to seeing the hanger with the nightgown and the wardrobe.

    Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the fair.

  8. can't believe you were at the fair!!! i was too...oh i so wish i could have said hello!!!

  9. Hi Ali
    What lovely treasures you found and such beautiful colours. I love the flowers, stunning , they look so delicate. I have made a promise to myself, to come to the next fair not only to buy but to meet some like minded ladies. It sounds like such a wonderful day out.
    Jo xx

  10. Hi Ali,
    It was lovely to see you and your little one at the fair...
    Thank you kindly once more for buying the padded coat hanger.
    I am always surprised how purchases seem to colour seems we all do it as I have seen it on other blogs...It must be those creative juices running through us that we aren't always aware of, but are always there in the back ground. And I just know you will create some beautiful things with your finds - your photographs of them are just delicious in themselves and should be made into greetings cards!

    Enjoy a peaceful Sunday,
    Niki x

  11. Hi Ali

    Gorgeous pics! What lovely finds. I can just imagine what it was like with a four year old in tow, I find it sooo distracting with my two with me!

    Mel xxx


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