Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A Mixed Bag...

Firstly, thank you Nicky at Hollypops for this lovely award ~ so thoughtful of you!

I'm not used to doing this, but I believe that I have to list 7 things that I love and pass on the award to another 7 lovely bloggers. Hmmm, the first part is easy, the second ~ not so easy! I would of course like to award it to all the blogs that I follow and read, but I know lots of you lovely ladies have this award already. I hope I'm not duplicating, but I'm sure it doesn't really matter ~ it just means that you are doubly 'Kreativ'!

So here goes (loving my family goes without saying so will not put that on the list...)

I love...
...a vase full of fresh flowers ~ I would spend my last bean on cut flowers..roses, violets & sweetpeas are favourites...
...a snowball ~ the alcoholic variety ~ I am a '70's girl at heart!

...Audrey Hepburn
& all of her movies
...an old children's Ladybird book called 'Gingers Adventures'. I have the copy I had when I was little and now read it to my gorgeous girl.

...my aga! A bit sad to list something so material, I make no apologies because I do absolutely love it. My husband calls it 'the most expensive radiator he has ever bought!'. It wasn't new, it was a wreck that was lovingly reconditioned and is a cream 2 oven. I'm sure that I will bore you with photos as some point...

...musical films from the 1950's ~ like 'Singin' In The Rain', 'Carousel', 'Seven Brides for Seven Brothers' 'High Society' etc. etc...

...wrapping packages ~ I much prefer the giving...

I would like to pass the award on to:
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Maggie at Sweet Scarlett
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Vintage Nina
Charlotte at Cottontails Baby
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I finally managed to get to the Country Living Fair this weekend ~ I've never been and felt I wanted to satisfy my curiosity! It was a bit of a mixed bag really ~ some very beautiful, unique high quality products and some that fell a bit below expectations ~ or maybe I just had very high expectations! I did make a few purchases...

A Victorian slop bowl with a pretty floral design from Kitty Fisher ~ I have an assortment of these as they look lovely all mismatched on a table for serving food.

A pretty cushion from Louby Loo. I know I shouldn't be buying cushions and could make them myself, but this one was the perfect colour combination for my gorgeous girl's bedroom. We have finally dismantled her cot ~ she is 3 but absolutely loved her cot, I think she would happily have remained in it for years! So we have changed her bedroom around and has a new day bed which looks so cute but sadly means that lie~in's are now a thing of the past...

Another purchase for gorgeous girl was the cutest pure linen summer dress from Little Linens. The colour is an adorable tea rose pink with flower shaped mother of pearl buttons at the back and they had the sweetest fabric corsage to pin on it!

I had to buy a bottle of Violet scented linen water from The Laundry bought at the 'Selvedge Magazine' stall. I have never seen this fragrance before and for obvious reasons ~ it needed to come home with me!
I have been intrigued by Tamar at Tamielle for a while ~ I think I must have seen an article on her in Country Living in the past. Her printed lavender sachets and handkerchiefs are beautiful and feature exactly the images that I love ~ old perfume labels, handbags etc. Her packaging is delightful. Each item is hand sewn in Bulgaria by women working in their own homes. This handkerchief in its pretty box was purchased for pure inspiration!

Finally I stopped at Caroline Zoob ~ one of the nicest stands by far, I could have bought everything! I would love a selection of her creamware china with delicate painted flowers, but as I was travelling by train this was a no no. I did pick up a couple of rolls of ribbon on wooden spools in my favourite colours, but will be visiting her website again to drool over the china!

I have to say another huge (enormous!) thank you to Sadie at Cotton Rose for such a kind gesture in sending me one of her delectable little cushions. I am a sucker for miniature pillows and this little flag cushion is just gorgeous. In my favourite colours, it has found the perfect, albeit temporary home on a child's painted Lloyd Loom chair I have downstairs. Eventually, when I redecorate our master bedroom it is destined for another special chair! Sadie has a giveaway at the moment on her blog ~ so if you are quick you might be in with a chance of having one of these special pillows...

The new Kate Forman brochure arrived this week ~ if I could wish for my whole house to be instantly redecorated, then I would wish for Kate to organise it! Every picture in the brochure is beautiful, inspirational and aspirational. I promise myself that I am going to redecorate our bedroom and use one of her stunning floral linens. Here are some photos to get your creative juices flowing...

Photograph ~ Zara Hart

Photograph ~ Zara Hart

Photograph ~ Zara Hart

Photograph ~ Zara Hart

Until next time Ali x


  1. I've always wanted to get to the Country Living Fair, it sounds wonderful. What pretty things you found!

  2. Oh, thank you so much for your award! I'm very new to blogging and I've got about five 'Kreativ' projects on the go and little energy to get them finished... so this is my incentive! I'll try to live up to your super award and show you my 'kreativity' (or should it be 'kreativiti'?) as it progresses. Thanks again - I'm glad your excellent blog got the award first!

  3. Hi there, thanks for stopping by & giving me an award...! not sure what I do with it... but am grateful to you, thanks for naming my little 'ol blog on yours... glad you enjoyed CL fair I always get inspired
    Marion ;0)

  4. Thank you so much for the award!! lovely post today, i am also a huge Audrey fan. Great photos (a feast for the eyes) lovely!! xx

  5. What beautiful buys! Your little girls bedroom is so lovely, and the dress is so pretty, I wouldn't mind buying one for my little one. Congratulations on your award you truly deserve it! Lisaxxx

  6. Congratulations of the award. You do a beautiful job making everyone so welcome when they visit your blog.
    I can see why you like Kate Forman style. I'd never heard of her before but am now a big fan.

  7. Ali, Thank you so much for the award! You're so sweet!

    I'm envious of your trip to the Country Living Fair. You found some wonderful treasures but I am really intrigued by the ribbon on the wooden spools. I love those! The dress you got for gorgeous girl is really beautiful and those buttons are adorable.

    Thanks for sharing the Kate Forman photos. The dining room is especially fun. She must be inspired by the great Rachel Ashwell! New book in the works from her - can't wait!!

  8. Lovely images of the Fair, I went on Sat afternoon, have to agree with your comments. The Little Linens stand was just beautiful, I just wish I had a baby girl to buy for.
    You bought some lovely things there.
    I got my Gorgeous Kate Forman cato too, just love this look so very much.
    Carol x

  9. I adore the sweet dress for your gorgeous girl! I am sure she will look precious in it!

  10. Hi Ali,

    Thank you for the award! I am so pleased!
    I will try to pass it along to seven lovely women . . . although I am not sure how to go about it, I am willing to give it a try.

    I love all of the photographs you have selected to share with us, and would have loved to have gone to the CL fair - maybe next year. Your purchases are divine! I'll bet that violet water smells heavenly!
    I haven't had the chance to visit all of the links to the folks you have mentioned, but will get on it, as soon as I can. New blogs and places to visit - oh I am so excited!

  11. Your little ones bedroom is so pretty and the dress is gorgeous.
    What some lovely buys, I love that little hankie.
    Take care.

  12. Your little girls' room is so beautiful! Makes mine look really garish :-S I hope she loves it. I spy a Helen Drewett on the wall too, I love her work so much.

    I like your purchases from the CL fair, nothing wrong with buying something if it's just perfect, and I bet little one was delighted you came home with a pressie :)

    Mel xxx

  13. Hi Ali! Thank you for the award!!! I woke up this morning and saw your comment ~ You made me smile, and I feel so honored!!! I appreciate you thinking of me......SWEET GIRL!!!
    I LOVE all the things you bought at the fair. You have such AMAZING taste. Your gorgeous girl will be so precious in the dress. Her room is sooooo cute.
    Congrats~on your award you deserve it!!!
    I have something I want to send you. Would you mind sending me you address? You can e-mail it if you want at vintageninaart@yahoo.com
    Thanks for making my day:) Have a GREAT day!

  14. Oh, oh, oh! Thank you so much for my award! I don't know what to do with it!! I think I maybe put it on my blog..? Oh dear I'm not sure I know seven people to pass it on to... I will try though. I will do it tonight :-)

    Thanks so much!

    Really interesting to hear about the Country Living fair - I have been thinking about going for ages but have never got around to it. Maybe the Christmas one...

    There often a bit of a mixed bag, these things. I love your Little Linens dress - it's a make I have thought about stocking.

    Everything is in a state of flux at the moment at Cottontails so I'm not taking on new brands, but maybe in the future?

    Your daughter's room is beautiful by the way.

    Thanks again, and have a lovely day :-)

    Love Charlotte

  15. I would look at the pictures of your AGA anyday!!! That is my dream oven!!!

  16. I just love your daughters room, how cute is that... It must be fun decorating her room. That's really exciting you got to go to the Country Living Fair. I hope you had a nice time.

  17. Hello ALi!
    I noticed that you joined my blog! How nice! And what lovely finds you have. I love the teacup concept. Your style is right up my alley and I love Audrey Hepburn too! Come on over this Saturday night for the second act of my play. Viewers have a chance to write the fourth act and ending. The winner gets their submission posted and a give away! Happy decorating! Anita

  18. It's so, so lovely of you to offer the links - especially from your website, I am really grateful and will add links from my blog and website to you too!I'll do it in just a moment..

    A text link is absolutely fine, or if you'd like to add a picture feel free to pilfer anything from my website!!

    Thank you again,

    Am really, really grateful...

    Love Charlotte

  19. I'm so happy to find your blog, it is lovely. I love your daughter's pink dress...so cute!

  20. lovely purchases, and I love the KF site. FAbulous!

    You are welcome to the cushion, I'm glad it's got a good home :O)

    Have a lovely weekend xx

  21. Congratulations!!
    Your little girls room is so lovely and dress is so pretty!
    I wish you a nice weekend!:))
    Hugs to you/Piitis from Finland:))

  22. everything looks beautiful.

  23. I love the handkerchief, and the beautiful fabrics by Kate Forman!
    Have a lovely Sunday,

  24. Wow, love all the things you found. Epsecially the handkerchief by Tamielle. I followed your link to her site and she only ships to the UK! So disappointing!

    Anyway, sounds like a great show and it looks like you really enjoyed yourself.

  25. Well done on the award. Being new to blogging, I wasn't too sure what to do either. Will have to ensure that I do that on my next post. The pictures are stunning! I LOVE all your purchases. That dress in particular! YOu did really well at the fair. Unfortunately I couldn't get to it this year.
    Very pretty bedroom!!!
    Take care
    Isabelle x


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